Clean, Smooth, Straightforward Pitch Shot

Pitch Shot Website Professionals, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, discuss the differences between striking a well executed long iron golf shot and the golf pitch shot as well as the differences between a good and bad pitch shot. The main reason we perform well with long irons is our commitment to the golf shot and our body motion. What interferes with our body motion on our pitch shot is basically, fear. We change our body motion to adjust for distance.

On our pitch shot we need to maintain consistent body motion to create solid contact which includes a controlled follow through on our swing. Most of us having an issue with this shot allow our hands to dominate our swing causing us to duff the shot completely. Through practice of a well executed pitch shot swing, we can gain the yardage value of each club. Then we can have confidence to allow ourselves the full body motion needed to hit a clean pitch shot at our target.

I found this video very useful because I am notorious for shutting down my swing after contact, especially around 60-50 yards out. The boys relaying how important it is to be pointed at the target upon completing the follow through was something I frequently ignored.  After a couple of sessions on the range and figuring out the yardage for my full body swing, I was extremely confident in what I was doing out there. And the more I practice this the better I got. The scull shot that would fly 30 yards over the green was gone. I hope you found this as useful as I did.


Dan Beeks | Owner/Operator of Nineteenth Hole Hub

I have spent most of the last 40 years attempting to get myself down to scratch player. Until I finally realized, I just love shooting a round of golf. The friendships made and the competition to challenge oneself get the juices flowing. Making golf the greatest game on Earth. We all need to have a little fun in our lives, whether it be on the course, in the clubhouse or at the Nineteenth Hole Hub, Golf does it.