Cure Our Chipping Yips


In this tutorial video by, our instructors, Andy Proudman and Piers Ward give us a detailed explanation to cure our chipping yips. Most golf shots require acceleration and power, here our tutors educate us that the opposite is true. A relaxed smooth rhythmic swing is needed for long term success in or chipping game. The ability to shift from our long game to short game effortlessly, increases our ability to score.

Our golf guides give us examples of what most of us are doing wrong over and over again, creating chipping yips in our heads and in our shots. This is where we need to rethink our approach. Andy and Piers both emphasize loosening our grip, lengthening our back swing and accelerate smoothly through the ball. To accomplish this they have two unique ideas to get the feeling back. The first is to stand off the green and make an under hand throw of the golf ball to the hole. The result of this is a sense of easy that is needed to achieve a smooth rhythmic swing that they discussed. The second is try and complete the swing with your eyes closed. This causes us to be more cautious in our movements.

The video itself is well done. The audio is excellent. Most importantly, the ideas given to help us make sense and work. The video is a little lengthy, about 4.5 minutes, but you can’t have everything. I felt as if this video was talking to me directly. When I go through my lousy chipping period, it is usually because I’m speeding up and chopping at the ball just as they describe. I’ve tried throwing the ball to get a sense calmness that is needed for a success chip shot. This video help me. I hope it does the same for you.


Dan Beeks | Owner/Operator of Nineteenth Hole Hub

I have spent most of the last 40 years attempting to get myself down to scratch player. Until I finally realized, I just love shooting a round of golf. The friendships made and the competition to challenge oneself get the juices flowing. Making golf the greatest game on Earth. We all need to have a little fun in our lives, whether it be on the course, in the clubhouse or at the Nineteenth Hole Hub, Golf does it.