Intro To AimPoint Putting

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Founder of the AimPoint Putting System, Michael Sweeney in conjunction with Sportsinctv present an introduction video of the AimPoint putting method. The video lays out the ground work that went into the make up of this new putting craze. Like most of us, Mike Sweeney admits he was not a good putter of the golf ball, but is an excellent software designer. He spent several years designing the software that is used on the Golf Channel to show us the potential line that should be followed prior to the putt. His software was amazingly accurate. From there, fate took over as Michael Sweeney explains it was just luck that they were able to develop the system he teaches to pros today.

The video itself, is more background information than actual detail of the process. But after some research, this system is all about the feel, which can work. The feel of the slope beneath you at two points. 1) At the putting point. 2) One third of the way from the ball to the hole. After sensing the feel of the degree of slope, whether it be 1, 2, 3 or more degrees a finger for each degree is eyed to the flag stick to give yourself a reference point to putt at. If the putt is 9 feet or more in length, you would get your reference point by standing three feet behind the ball, otherwise you would stand over the ball. The length of the putt will also influence how far you extend your arm in front of you while eye balling the reference point.

So, as you can tell there are a lot of moving parts that go into this. It may look simple, and there are several testimonials confirming such. And guess what the key to success is, you’re right on the money, PRACTICE. There is enough here to point us all in the right direction, but to get all the nuances to make it work is not on YouTube. You probably need to subscribe to Michael Sweeney’s channel or purchase his video. It reminds me of the old plum blob method with a high tech twist. I found it interesting to know what’s hot out there, I hope you do as well.


Dan Beeks | Owner/Operator of Nineteenth Hole Hub

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