Foolproof Exercise For Greenside Bunker Shots

Perfect Your Greenside Bunker Shots

Sean Casey, Director of Instruction Clublink Academy at Glen Abby Golf Course in Oakville, ON. examines greenside bunker shots in this educational video. Before getting into the actual instruction of the golf shot, Sean Casey explains the “bounce angle” that each sand wedge has. He uses a simple comparison to that of a snow ski which allowed him to make his point very clear.

The drill that Sean Casey uses of drawing a line in the sand and practice swinging through the sand to length of a dollar bill also left a strong impression on how directly to the point he is with his analysis. While the video is mainly instruction for soft sand, he does mention that texture of the sand will impact how open you want to make the club face.

His overall emphasis is to demonstrate a swing and visualization of just letting the ball come out with the sand rather than hitting into the ball which is critical on fairway golf shots. Once again, Sean Casey nails it, with an uncomplicated coaching clinic on the topic of greenside bunker shots in less than three minutes. I found this to be a useful and practical video, I hope you do as well.


Dan Beeks | Owner/Operator of Nineteenth Hole Hub

I have spent most of the last 40 years attempting to get myself down to scratch player. Until I finally realized, I just love shooting a round of golf. The friendships made and the competition to challenge oneself get the juices flowing. Making golf the greatest game on Earth. We all need to have a little fun in our lives, whether it be on the course, in the clubhouse or at the Nineteenth Hole Hub, Golf does it.