Video Montage: Golf Irons Reviews of 2015

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With a frenzy of new equipment coming out earlier this year on the market, coordinated an insightful video of most golf manufacturers and their hottest irons of 2015. The golf irons reviews in this video move a fast pace, so if you’re actively looking for a new set of irons or a set to be tried, be prepared to take notes. There is to my surprise a lot of detail in a short presentation, including the type of golfer the manufacture was targeting. There are several companies represented here. These are the highlights I took away:

Callaway   XR 360 Cup face irons.

Taylormade  RSI 1 for the average golfer. RSI 2 for the more skilled golfer. RSI TP for the tour golfer or very low handicap golfer.

Nike  Vapor for the more experience golfer.

Mizuno  JPX Irons which this year replaced some carbon steel with boron for a lighter feel.

Cobra  introduce three new lines as well. Fly Z for the average player. Fly Z+ for more skilled. Fly ZXL for the low handicapper.

Bridgestone  J15 is their new line of irons.

Wilson  FCD’s standing for Feel Control Distance are designed with the average golfer in mind.

Srixon  new model for 2015 is the Z545.

Cleveland  CG Black have the golfer with a slower swing and higher handicap player in mind with their design.

Titleist  did not come out with a new iron for 2015 while the success of their 2014 AP1 and Forged AP2 are still as white hot as anything.

There are others mentioned, but like I said, the video moves from one to another to another. The designers are given time for a quick account of their product which gets right to the point and purpose. All in all I thought it was pretty darn good. The video added insight and value. I hope you thought is was worthwhile as well.



Dan Beeks | Owner/Operator of Nineteenth Hole Hub

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